What did you miss in 2020? Punk suggestions for punx. Teppei Miki. Tokyo, Japan

Sink & Die
4 min readJan 12, 2021

TEPPEI MIKI, Tokyo Japan
Gig photographer following Japanese punk/hardcore bands. Recently started the movie project named “FYNAL TOKYO”.

Sink x Die Webzine: all photos are made by Teppei and we’re really happy to show them here.

LiFE — Ossification of Coral
Label: Desolate Records / Acclaim Collective / Not Enough Records / Distro Rakkos / Punk Bastard Records
Location: Tokyo, Japan


They have spent several years working on this piece, but once you drop the needle, you will realize that the wait has been more than worth it. The distinctive album title is taken from a song about the relocation of the U.S. military base in Okinawa, which the Japanese government forced through despite public opposition. I don’t know how much of this crazy evil is being reported in Germany, but the beautiful Henoko sea is being filled with sand and soil, destroying the precious coral reefs and the diverse ecosystem of Okinawa. This is a masterpiece in the history of political hardcore, perfectly expressing the curse and anger of the people with sound and visuals.

BLACK AND WHITE — One Chord Wonders Here’s The Black And White
Label: Pogo 77 Records ‎
Location: Tokyo, Japan


The first full-length album by the one and only band in Japan that continues to express their love for 1977 U.K. Punk Rock with a high level of passion. Hundreds of 77 punk revival bands have appeared and disappeared around the world, especially in the U.S., since the 90’s, but this band’s devotion and consistent quality of music is a far cry from the worn-out style of those garbage bands. The spirit is different. The proof of this is the wide range of Punk/Hardcore fans that come to “Octopus” shows that they host. If you like Slaughter & The Dogs, Drones, or Adverts, give them a listen!

THE TITS — 狂乱危胸
Label: Pogo 77 Records ‎
Location: Tokyo, Japan


The second full-length album by the most morbid, venomous, and brilliant band in Japan today. The band’s vicious sound, which emphasizes the violent side of 80’s Japanese noisecore like Kuro and Confuse, jumps out of the speakers and hits you. The Tits is a band with a pure and unique style that can only exist in Japan at this time, no matter how you look around the world. Please note that the jacket and title of the LP and CD are different.

Sink x Die Webzine: we didn’t find the link to this release, so here’s the discogs link and this crazy live video:)

THE SAVAGES — 灯火を携えて -We Carry The Light-
Label: Break The Records
Location: Tokyo, Japan


This is the latest and greatest work by a trio that has been active in Tokyo for many years. The band is characterized by fast-paced songs, melodic guitars with chorus effects, and dramatic song structures. They profess influences from Upright Citizens and the UK82 sound, but I also personally get an East Bay punk or West Coast early punk vibe from their music. Anyway, their songs and sound quality are getting better and better with each release. Their shows are always consistently cool, and I hope everyone watching this article gets to experience it!

MILK — Bricks
Label: A-Z / Hysteria
Location: Nagoya, Japan


The first release from the label by “A-Z”, a newly opened record store in Nagoya. The band’s personality lies in their almost distortion-free guitar sound and short, linear, snappy songs like Minor Threat. This is a one-of-a-kind entity that is in the opposite direction of the typical macho hardcore. Many hardcore fans overseas must have heard of them after their participation in Damaged City in Washington DC last year, where they performed a rousing live show. They have already been around for 10 years, so it’s not like they are a new band, but my personal impression is that they have a hardcore sound that could only be produced in Japan in 2020.